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Garden Grove, CA 92843

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When it comes to asphalt overlays a crucial component is proper drainage across the newly paved surface when completed. This can only be achieved by surveying the surface and cold plaining (grinding) as needed to ensure proper clearance for the new asphalt paving section. Installing an asphalt overlay on top of an existing surface without grinding can trap water causing ponding and premature failure of the newly paved surface. In addition to promoting proper drainage asphalt grindings are accepted by most asphalt suppliers to be recycled into new asphalt resulting in much cheaper dump fees than typical broken asphalt. Allied Paving Company owns and operates multiple Cold Plane Grinders with a variety of sizes to complete all projects regardless of size.

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Your project is our priority. Our site engineers, project managers, and specialized team members make certain that your project is completed in a timely, safe, and efficient manner. With over 25+ years of experience, we help you choose the right solution for the job. So whether you're a homeowner, a business owner or a contractor, we offer a full range of services to meet your needs.



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